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  1. One tiny, tiny, tiny thing.... When I click the link to SP13 in the 1st post of this thread... it still points to SP12 :). I could still easily find and install SP13 from the following location (link for anyone that needs it) It wasn't exactly hard to find where y'all had put it :). For the first time ever, I've plugged in all my DNA devices (as I usually do after an Escribe update) and not had any squawk for a software / firmware update for the boards (we're talking 200 / 75 / 60 / 250 / 75C). Quick and clean update it is then! :).
  2. Ah, it sounds like the installer file isn't 'executable' when you download it. No biggie - that's a pretty normal thing when downloading executable files (scripts and such). There are a few ways to make the file an executable. If the file is owned by your user account (it usually is, if you've just downloaded it and you were running the browser from your normal user account), usually right clicking (in a gui based file manager - Nautilus, Caja, Dolphin, etc) and looking through the file properties will usually yield some results (look for something along the lines of "allow executing file as program" and tick that). If you'd rather go at it from a terminal - (this will work only if the file is owned by you. If you are getting some sort of permission denied problem - then the file is probably not owned by you. Use "sudo chmod +x /path/filename" to do the chmod as root. Nobody denies root! :)). So, for example - if I've saved the installer in a "Downloads" subdirectory in my home directory (ie - /home/fractal/Downloads) the command would look like - (The "~" is shorthand for /home/your-user-name if you haven't encountered that before) After I've made the installer executable, I can then run it with - (First command : Changes to the directory where you downloaded the installer - substitute "~/Downloads/" for wherever you downloaded the installer). (Second Command : Run the installer. The "./" part at the beginning is important - in this context, it essentially means 'run this thing located in the directory that I am currently in'). Hopefully this helps get you a bit closer to sorting it out :).
  3. New version installed perfectly here. Installer looking good! Interesting thing I noticed with the device updates - on all of the devices I've updated that have both a "Service pack (core)" and a "Service Pack" update (2x DNA 60, 1x DNA 250), I've had a "The device is busy. Another Program may be using it. Retry?" dialogue box pop up in between the two updates. If I click yes, the error dialogue just pops back up, but if I click "no" the updates continue on just fine. I ran Escribe via console after updating the first device to see if it was going to spit out anything interesting, but no. It's just (GUI stuff in italics) - When I've been rolling back and re-updating older devices (DNA 75, DNA 200) I haven't had the same behaviour. For all of the older devices though, it's just been a "Service Pack" update - there hasn't been a "Service Pack (core)" happening before it. Slightly odd thing, could just be me, but hey - at the end of the day it still works (and nothing got bricked) :). Still a stellar job on this Escribe port, and we appreciate it!
  4. That's excellent! Yaaaaaaay I'm helpding! :D And forgetting locate is a thing just means you don't lose stuff often ;).
  5. @brushy I ran the installer from my normal user account (meh, I'm a single user system...), and it ended up in ~/.local/opt/evolv/escribe-suite So for me, the launcher executable is at /home/fractal/.local/opt/evolv/escribe-suite/launch-escribe-suite There is a .desktop file, but it might not have ended up where your window manager can see it, depending on what it expects. Mine ended up at ~/.gnome/apps/evolvapor_com-escribe-suite_1.desktop and ~/.local/share/applications/evolvapor_com-escribe-suite_1.desktop With the original created during the install at ~/.local/opt/evolv/escribe-suite/.mojosetup/evolvapor_com-escribe-suite_1.desktop Try having a look around those places. Worst case scenario, you could always just "locate launch-escribe-suite" and should give you an idea where it ended up. Let the hunt begin!
  6. With hindsight (and a more than slight hangover), yes - I really should have done something potentially helpful and recorded the error along with the exact versions of the dependant packages I was running. Sorry about that. Instead, what I actually did was screw in a very small screw with a very large sledgehammer - blamed the fact I hadn't updated since Debian 8.7 (and that my environment was likely older than that which the software was developed on) and went all out with a dist upgrade. After that... I haven't been able to reproduce the error. On the plus side.... I can say it runs great in a freshly updated Debian 9.2
  7. As one of those 5 desktop Linux users in the world - Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I've been running a Windows VM just for Escribe for the last few years. While it works well enough (once you sort out the glacial USB data transfer speed issue - but that's a known Virtualbox problem not an Escribe specific thing), this version is much faster and lighter on the resources. So far, so good! I've read data from, and used device monitor with multiple DNA 200, 250, 60, and 75 boards without functionality issues. I've also rolled back the firmware and re-updated the firmware on a sacrificial DNA 75 and it went perfectly (with the firmware files bundled with Escribe, anyway). Escribe detected when my device had a "new service pack available" - but only time will tell how it will go after a new version of Escribe is out, and new "service packs" beyond what is bundled with the current client are a thing. I have a new DNA 60 device in the post that will need some theme / custom materials / possibly firmware updates, and a 75C I'm picking up from the post office tomorrow that is still running the default Evolv theme (so it's likely going to need a theme, new materials, and possibly firmware update - it's an early Therion 75C and I don't think the previous owner has EVER had it connected to Escribe!). I'll report back if I find any bugs there. As far as known bugs - I'm not getting any weird window flickering, and the screen backgrounds have rendered correctly consistently.... so yay? Look and feel - it fits into the desktop because it inherits it's looks from whatever theme is being used. The only tiny, tiny issue I've had is that a lot themes will override the background colours on the checkboxes in device monitor. The checkboxes still work, it's just that they no longer act as a legend for the colours on the graph. Oh, and the numbers in the graph area are always black (it does not inherit the standard text colour from the theme used - so with a dark theme they are a little bit hard to see). Seriously though - those are minor things, and mostly dependant on user selected UI themes. Functionality, and keeping in-step with the current Windows version are way more important - and so far everything has been stellar on that front. One positive I've noticed is that this version seems to handle multiple device connections much more gracefully - more so than the "Windows version in a VM". I can have several DNA devices connected, all will be detected, and I am presented with a list as to which one I want to Escribe with. Some notes for other end users : If you are trying to launch launch-escribe-suite from a terminal and getting "Unhandled Exception" - Your libraries are too old. Update yo' box ! Debian 8 is too old - you'll want Debian 9 for Mono > v4. You CAN run Escribe from a normal user account. The reason it doesn't work out of the box that way is that Linux has NO IDEA what the heck to do when you plug an Evolv boarded ecig in it. It doesn't know what type of device it is - and if it doesn't know what a device is, it'll only let the root user access it. How you get around this, is that you tell it "if you see a device made by Evolv - it's totes cool, just let all users muck about with it". You do this by creating a "udev rule" (udev is the system that handles USB devices plugged into a Linux box). As root, create the file (if it doesn't exist already) /etc/udev/rules.d/10-local.rules (note: this is for a Debian box, your distro may vary... but it should be at least somewhat similar if it's Debian based distro). The file should contain the following (or, if the file exists already - append the following...). *Note : This needs to be all on one line!* SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="268b", MODE:="0666" Save the file, and go make a cup of tea. Your system will detect the change automagically, but it might take a few mins. Plug and unplug your device. Escribe should work from your normal user account now! :). Good Luck!
  8. Ah, I see. Yes, the fire button being a "back" when on a non-firing screen would make doing gestures somewhat difficult (but from an ease of use standpoint, it's a sensible decision - so I can see why they've done it that way).Yeah - icons were plan B if gestures were off the table, it seems like they'd still fit. Good suggestion.Cheers y'all.
  9. Cheers for the screenshot - cool to see the options as far as linking menu screens go.What I was trying to get at was more along the lines of using a gesture to toggle a particular setting directly from the main or lock screens, without changing screens or using a graphical toggle / icon.For example, to configure it for "when the device is on the lock screen, the gesture Fire + Down toggles Stealth mode (without leaving the lock screen)". That sort of thing.I know that isn't a thing the overwhelming majority of people would want to do, now there's the option to scroll up and down through a custom menus, and put toggle icons on the main and lock screens and such.
  10. Bit of an odd question - but does the 75c still support some / most of the existing "gestures" on the current DNA boards (or otherwise have some sort of user configurable multi-button "gesturing"), or is it purely menu driven?The new stuff all looks awesome and I can't wait to poke my fingers in it!