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    DNA 250
  1. SadikYP

    SS 316L Settings & Profiles DNA250

    Would one of the veteran vapers pleas check my SS316L profile & let me know if I've set things up correctly.Also how do I set Temp Protect to work?
  2. SadikYP

    Question - DNA 75/200/250 - Why?

    The DNA75 is cheaper than the DNA250. I would assume this is due to the 75 costing less to produce.My guess is that the DNA200 will be phased out as soon as existing stocks are depleted.
  3. SadikYP

    Samsung 25R 5, 2 battery CSV

    Thank you very much
  4. SadikYP

    Samsung 25R 5, 2 battery CSV

    As per title. Looking for a CSV for 2x Samsung 25r5 batteries to go on my Therion 166.Thanks
  5. SadikYP

    SS 316L Settings & Profiles DNA250

    Is there a default TC profile for 316L that I could use/edit? (will give me a starting point). Or is here a forum preferred profile I could use?
  6. SadikYP

    SS 316L Settings & Profiles DNA250

    Both devices have the same materials
  7. SadikYP

    SS 316L Settings & Profiles DNA250

    Hi guys,I'm fairly new to vaping (about 3 months) and thought it's about time I tried out Temp Control, lets face it, what's the point in using a DNA device in WATT mode only.I've got a bunch of SS 316L wire coming in the next few days. Wire is as follows:All SS 316L from Crazy WireFused Clapton - 24 AWG X 2 & 32 AWG WrapFused Clapton - 26 AWG x 2 & 32 AWG WrapJuggernaut Wire - 26 AWG + 32 AWG x 2 + 0.1mm x 0.9mm Ribbon WrapI have noticed that my Therion 166 & Rebel Vape DNA 167 do not have a pre-installed profile for SS316L.Do I simply used the SS 316 material settings?If I need specific 316L settings/config can som1 point me to the most reliable files & settings I need to upload to my device.Thank you in advance for all your help
  8. SadikYP

    DNA 250 Help

    Bit if the thread hijack here, but how are you finding the Rebel mod?I've got one on order, hope it lives up