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  1. I never saw the firing indicator on the screen appear when my Therion 75c was heating/draining the batteries either with or without an atty or tank attached. Evolv did not have me do any troubleshooting in response to the ticket I filed but just issued an RMA so I have no further information on what was causing the problem. I only mailed my Therion back to Evolv yesterday with the tracking showing a projected Saturday, 0/23 arrival date. I will post a follow up when Evolv lets me know what was amiss.
  2. Thank you for your help. I filed a ticket per your suggestion.
  3. Thank you for the suggestions but it sounds like my Therion needs attention from someone who knows what they are doing which would not be me. Does Evolv offer Therion repair services?
  4. My Therion 75C is draining and heating up batteries with no atty or tank installed. It does this with batteries that work correctly in my other Therion 75C. This started overnight when the Therion drained the batteries down to 1.74 volts. I checked it today and it did the same draining/heating with two other battery pairs both with and without an attached atty or tank. Any ideas on what might be wrong or any possible fixes?
  5. I'm very happy to hear that all is working well for you now. It's so easy for the fact that there are two types of cables to disappear in the recesses of one's mind if one has not needed a mini to do data transfer for a very long time.
  6. I've never had any issues at all connecting my two Therion 75c's to my Macs. Are you sure that you are using a USB cable with data capability? Some USB cables only have two wires which means they are wired for charge only and don't carry any data. A USB cable that carries data as well as having charging capability has four wires. The two types of cables can be difficult to tell apart unless you can get a good look inside the connectors. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-a-USB-charging-cable-and-a-data-cable Some people use the charge only cables to charge if they a
  7. Thank you. I was able to successfully update my Therion 75c with v2 of the Mac EScribe software and it seems to be vaping well.
  8. Thank you for the EScribe update. The SetupEScribe2_SP4_b2_US downloaded, installed and ran without any issues on El Capitan with my new Therion 75c connected. This appeared at the top of the screen: "1.1 SP22 is available! Click here to apply it to your device." A progress bar also appeared indicating it was downloading settings. After clicking on the "Click here to apply it to your device" link a window with OK and Cancel options appeared reading, "Apply Service Pack A Service Pack is about to be applied. Before clicking OK, please make sure that the device is idl
  9. James - Thanks ever so much for starting work on the Mac version of EScribe. My experience with EScribe has been similar to others. EScribe Launches on my Mac running El Capitan but no window appears for EScribe. I have another Mac running Sierra that I use to record an eagle nest live stream during daylight hours so I will try Escribe on that Mac after dark. This is the Console output when launching on El Capitan: 7/7/17 8:02:37.247 AM lsd[339]: LaunchServices: Could not store lsd-identifiers file at /private/var/db/lsd/com.apple.lsdschemes.plist 7/7/17 8:02:38.985 AM laun
  10. Thank you for the response. The About screen indicates my Therion DNA 75C is running Version 21. According to security experts vulnerable systems can be successfully infected within seconds of a network making a public appearance. Even though the VM risk is quite small it is simply one more aggravation regarding installing a Windows VN I much prefer to avoid. While I am hoping for a Mac Escribe version soon I very much appreciate that Evolv prioritized getting so many boards in under the FDA wire and getting out bug fixes.
  11. Jason - I very much appreciate the reply but I plan to wait until the Mac version of Escribe is available. The aggravation and slight increased security risk isn't close to being worth it to me to run a Windows VM. I'm also highly disinclined to run any sort of beta firmware. I have been vaping on DNA 40s at 25 watts. Would using the firmware that shipped with my Therion be similar in accuracy for Ni and Ti? Is it safe to use the mod with VCT4 or VCT5 batteries without a firmware update?
  12. I just purchased a Therion Dual 18650 DNA 75C from VaporDNA. It was from a fairly recent shipment but when I phoned VaporDNA they weren't didn't know what firmware the units had. Would it be safe to use and work properly with Ni and Ti coils? I will wait until the Mac version of EScribe is available to update the firmware but it would be nice to be able use the Therion before that.
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