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6 NiFe material files and TCR list for all DNA mods 1.0.0

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About This File

You can download them individually or as a .zip.csv file containing all 6, but you'll need to remove .csv file extension

Steam-Engine files
NiFe (Reactor_Wire) - TCR in vaping range    4000    ×10-6
NiFe30 (StealthVape) - TCR in vaping range    5000    ×10-6
NiFe30 Resisttherm TCR file - TCR in vaping range    3200    ×10-6
NiFe30 Resisttherm TFR file - TCR in vaping range    3355    ×10-6
Nifethal_52 (Alloy52) - TCR in vaping range    4036    ×10-6
Nifethal_70 (Alloy120) - TCR in vaping range    5250    ×10-6

These Steam-Engine files and TCR values were sourced from here http://www.steam-engine.org/wirewiz#

Here's how to understand or create just a custom TCR file from the 'TCR in vaping range' values or given to you by a vendor. 
Nifethal_52 (Alloy52) value 4036    ×10-6 you would create 0.004036 as the TCR value
Vendor says 404 you would create 0.00404 as the TCR value

Some vendor datasheets list the NiFeXX to denote the Nickel content like here. You need to take care.

While others list NiFeXX to denote the Iron content like here



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