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Replay gets rid of high heat capacity troubles


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I have had problems with really slow to vape coils due to their density, but after looking at device monitor i have come to the conclusion that replay is better than boost, fire your coil till it is warm and then take the desired hit, once you do that click replay! Set the warmth to what you like, and replay will throttle the wattage way above your desired wattage to get it warm as it was at the beginning of your hit then it will lower the watts way below as you continue to drag, it definitely is a game winner when it comes to high heat capacity coils! and the odd thing is i would reccomend in the mod settings clicking allow dubious coils,  because replay although needing a tc coil does not actually use tempurature at all it only uses wattage. All and all, replay is your friend if you have large coils or dense builds (also make sure your batteries cdr and volts can handle whatever watts it throttles to)

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