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Hyperion Laser etched


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The metal frame of my hyperion was in a pretty bad shape 

got to lost vape to provide me with a new one and that I will pay it's "Price" Numerous times but they refused it every single time ,till I lost hope 

and I adore my devices I like to use something that I look at and adore the beauty in it 

This hyperion deserved a better fate after 140k+ puffs after my initial plane was to take the board out of it

So I decided to give the Hyperion a royal treatment with a coated frame, custom metal plate, custom theme and an ancient Egyptian Laser etching on a black leather to show the beauty and also my identity

and the result was shocking to me that I sent lost vape a message mocking them ,that ok you refused to send a frame

now I made a custom that's even better than brand new :"D

Attached you can see my new beauty

that now goes to my collection standing in my heart even higher than my xxx high end-ish mods

RA_Hyperion (1).jpeg

RA_Hyperion (1).jpg

RA_Hyperion (2).jpg

RA_Hyperion (3).jpg



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