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DNA 250C check battery


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I've had a bit of an issue with my board (thelema Dna250c) throwing a check battery error and listing 4% battery regardless of the batteries put in. I made the discovery that I could torque the USB port horizontally and get it to fire. However this broke the USB pins and I couldn't get any reading on escribe. So I disassembled the mod and had a new replacement board soldered on thinking something was off with the power circuit or board itself. Got the new board wired in and checked if all the circuits were connected with a multimeter. Still had the check battery error, fiddled with the battery contacts thinking maybe there wasn't enough pressure going to the cells but that was fine as well. Tried the new board on escribe and saw a post here about turning off USB charging fixing it and since the new board was able to interface via USB I disabled it on escribe in device monitor. The error actually cleared! Just a heads up for everyone else experiencing the same issue. 

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