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✴️ Problems in operation while using custom themes ✴️


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Given the occasion, I would like to go into the use of custom themes.

Sometimes problems occur when operating mods with a DNA chipset, especially when it comes to operation in replay mode or in TC mode.

Often the problems are not due to the chipset itself, but to the custom theme used.

Therefore, in the case of the problems mentioned, the stock theme should first be installed in order to exclude this source of error.

In addition, when using custom themes that greatly expand the control of the chipset, I recommend resetting to the factory settings beforehand. Actually, all of these heavily expanded themes use so-called "user toggles", the use of which is up to every theme designer. As a result, these determine completely different behavior in different themes.

These switches are not reset when a (new) theme is installed!

This means that the switch that has just influenced an ad can (!) Influence a control in the next theme by another designer. There is no standard for the use of these "user toggles".

So I would like to point out: before a discussion about supposed problems with the chipset arises - first install the stock theme, reset the mod to factory settings and see whether the error persists.

(Please excuse the bumpy English - German is my mother tongue and I wanted to reach as many users as possible)

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In order to have to reset the mod (and with it all personal settings) "on suspicion", I created this little mini-theme some time ago.

It reliably shows critical settings, all user toggles and all settings of the chart display. After changing / correcting any critical settings, you can then reload "your" theme and see whether the problems are still there. In this case you have at least excluded the custom theme used as a source of error.

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