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DNA250C: USB power turns on mod, but won't charge battery / connect escribe

Silas Crowley

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Hello, and thanks for opening this thread-
I've almost got a mod together and it's looking great, except I have one serious problem. For some reason- while the mod will turn on with just USB power, when the lipo is connected, it won't charge it nor will it connect to escribe. I can't connect the chip to escribe at all anymore. During a test run (before I soldered the 510 and external fire button) I was able to connect to escribe and updated the chip's firmware, but after everything was installed, it won't take anymore- it won't even charge the lipo. 

Has anyone has a similar issue? Everything looks fine on the chip, I took it out and inspected it, tried to clean up some of the joints in case that was the issue, but it still won't do data nor balancing charge on USB.

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