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Charging question after upgrade


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Since I’ve upgraded my unit to use the new coils and tank charging the device seemed to have changed and idk if it’s not working properly, or how it’s now suppose to be. Instead of progressing through the lights it just blinks red the whole time, it also doesn’t allow me to vape while it’s plugged in. That being said, it still seems to take a charge. If I plug it in while red and wait, I can check the battery once unplugging it and it will show yellow, green, blue etc. 

In the past I’ve fixed charging issues  by changing the charger or cord or outlet etc. Now I’ve tried all sorts of cables, fixed chargers, usb exchangeable chargers, outlets etc. The most annoying thing is not being able to vape while it’s charging. Anyone have any suggestions or is that how it’s suppose to be now?

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