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New to the Orion Go


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whats up everyone, i just picked up a Orion DNA Go, and i just had some questions!

1. out of the box the Orion was low on battery life (red light) so connected it to a charger, i noticed it gets pretty hot while charging, is this normal? 

2. I have the .5ohm pods, i was told i could use my 25mg slat nic juice in the pod is this right? 

3. what would be the best settings for my juice? i dont want to go in and start messing with power and boost not knowing exactly what i need to be doing.

Thanks for the Help in advance! 

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I am new to, just bought yesterday, In the box we are told that can be used with salt nic, but i think, and my experience with 0,5ohm 50/50, 50mg nic, Is to hars no mater how you set using your escriber, I have a mod that uses RTA MTL for salt nich and the lowest ohm is 1 ohm coil, with 12watt you get a nice smooth throat hit, but with 0,5ohm, in Orion Dna Go, you get hard burning sensation, which i had the experience, Logicly if you are using 25mg nic, with 0,5 ohm, try to set in the escriber lower down by 3 watt, boost all to 0 (To save the logib=vity of your pod) and warm to 1, try with that but i think you still get quite hars hit on the throat,

Right now I am waiting for the orion Q pod which 1.0 ohm, and will set manual in escribe programe the ohm resistence and try vaping that, it should have a nice smooth throat hit with the Q pod.  I will get back to you how it goes,

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