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[DNA 60 Small Screen] Firmware update 1_2_SP6_1_INT


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After a week of using the firmware update 1_2_SP6_1_INT.sw-service on my DNA 60 small screen, I rollback the update to 1_2_SP3.sw-service, hopefully it will solve my problems from after the update

In the past few days several times the mod doesn't wake after a press of the fire button. Out of the blue in the middle of the day after used it in the morning. I need to connect with the USB, to get it wake up. But ain't always somewhere where I can connect a USB and can't use the mod.

Yesterday , two times after wake up the mod, it starts automatic in TC mode. I  can't find why its doing, casue the mod is set to a kanthal power mode/profile?

Very frustrating





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