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Slow Poweroutput - WattsMode

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Hi Community,


i got a freshly new DNA 250 Mod and i am a bit dissapointet.

I used a Yihi 550 chip Before and i could change in different Modes. I used PowerMode and when vaping on a nichrom 80 0.18 Ohm with 90 watts - i hat an instant hit. When using the same setting on my dna250, i takes like half a second before vape is produced. I run the same build with 110 watts now and its quite ok, but far away from what i am used to with Yihi and Powerful Hit settings.

Is there any recommendation i can use a power curve or make the device "hit" better and faster. Even with 120 watts the vape produced is way less than on yihi with 90 watts. This confuses me.

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