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I just purchased a project sub ohm edition Triad 250c . I’ve  got to share the fantastic  experience I’m having with this awesome device. It’s been the most fun I’ve ever had in my 4 year vaping history. I must admit that I could not get replay to work with stainless steel right out of the box but I had to do some very simple adjusting on escribe. I had to just change the use of viable coils to dubious coils and also check the box in the profile to use the replay feature. Once I did that it’s been working flawlessly. I’ve even noticed on my graph on my mod reply actually has to self adjust for different ejuices . Wow that’s very impressive. Did I mention that I really like the ability to customize almost everything. Thanks to Lost Vape and Evolv for he best device I’ve ever owned by far. Does anyone know who project sub ohm is or if they are a company at all? I really like their blue and black pairing and the fact that they are numbered.

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Project Sub-Ohm is a special edition label of VaporDNA - they partner with various manufacturers, notably Lost Vape, Vandy Vape and Well of late to develop special, sometimes serialized Project Sub-Ohm editions.  Their general theme,  with one expensive red exception, is the blue and black you are enjoying on the new Triade 250c.  The moderate priced editions sell out relatively quickly.  Typically the devices/tanks etc. that have Project Sub-Ohm editions are things I want anyway, and I really like the look of (most of) the Project Sub-Ohm editions. As an avid collectorI have a habit of checking VaporDNA regularly, thinking I don't need a particular edition. and then when it sells out in a week, panicking and buying it on eBay (sometimes at a significantly less expensive  than it was on VaporDNA.)   This is what happened with my own PSO Triade 250c (#182)

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