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my vape is tweakin


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so the other day i start my vape sesh and my mod starts to turn off saying my batteries are on empty so i put em on another vape and they work fine ....so i hooked my vape up to escribe and started to mess with my vape i made sure it was set for a 2 cell configuration, i rebooted my vape hard and soft reboots i played with the diagnostics made sure it was set for usb charging at 2 amps even though it only charges at 1 amp when it decides it wants to charge . i set charge estimate to 18.5 wh after using a watt hour calculator ......to make it short i did a bunch of stuff to my paranormal dna 166 nothing has worked i even restored default setting reset statistics ...it also read each cell voltage at 4.1 when fully charged and pack at 8.2 ....even when its fully charged after a couple hits it turns off due to no battery life. help please 

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