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DNA 200 Chip Capacitor Replacement

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I put this post in the DNA 200 and 250 area, and I'm thinking now it should be here - sorry for the duplicate posting:

I have an hcigar VT133 that started to get warm to the touch around where the DNA200 board sits and the battery was draining fast. When I opened up the mod I could smell electrical arcing , and when I examined the DNA200 board one of the two ceramic chip capacitors near the fuse between the two ICs had one end partially holed out with evidence of burning. I have the equipment to be able to replace the capacitor, but I have no idea what the value/voltage specification is. Is it possible to get that value so I can order a new part to see if it fixes the problem?

Here is a picture of the area of the board and the bad capacitor is the tan colored one in the middle closest to the fuse: http://tasteyourjuice.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dna-200-wrapup/dna200fuse.jpg


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