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Ohms not stable and reading higher than other DNA200 mods read

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Im having an issue with my DNA250C... again..
So I built a box with it and had a Varitube V2 30mm 510 in it. Ohms in my attys was unreliable. as in each time I woke it up from sleep it would ask if it was a new coil. Current build is measuring at .38 on my 2 other DNA200's and on my Ohm meter. But in my 250C it reads at .45, and likes to go to .5ish and even .6ish. I puled the deck out and ensured my screws were tight, ran it on my DNA200 all day and it was rock steady at .38. put 30ml through it today on the DNA200 and it was solid all day.
Got home and replaced the 510 in my 250C as I didnt like the way the insulator dropped with the pos pin when I attached an atty with one that I know works well. Now the 250C holds ohms pretty well, but it still reads my .38 build at .46 and sometimes into the .5's...
Im about at wits end with this thing. any one have any ideas? I have the latest firmware installed for both EScribe and on the board. Shat should I look at? Its only this one mod, not others with the same atty so I cant see it being my build.
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