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Joyetech ProCore Air


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These coils are compatible with anything the TFV8 Baby Beast coils are. This was really disappointing, I had high hopes for these as they were all listed as SS316 but that doesn't seem to be the case.


Coil: 0.4ohm ProC1 Coil

Material: SS316 (?)

Replay Compatible: No, Dubious

While these coils are listed as being SS316 I am not seeing behavior consistent with that. The resistance only went from 0.366 to 0.386 during a puff at the wattage limit of the coil. I did manage to get it to lock in using Dubious mode but it wasn't the best Replay vape I have had.


Coil: 0.2ohm ProC3 Coil

Material: SS316 (?)

Replay Compatible: No

Not enough rise to even lock in on Dubious mode. Definitely not SS316.


Coil: 0.15ohm ProC4 Coil

Material: SS316 (?)

Replay Compatible: No

Once again no rise. Not SS316.


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