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The purpose of this sub-forum is to have an easy place for users to reference Replay compatibility with replaceable coil head atomizers.

Please feel free to jump in on any atomizer post to discuss your experiences. If you are aware of any coil heads that are cross compatible feel free to add this to the discussion of the specific atomizer. If you have a Replay enabled device and an atomizer that was found to not be working, give it a shot anyways and see what you find.

We would like to keep the post structure in this forum as follows so users can find the information they need about specific atomizers.


Subject -

Manufacturer Name Atomizer Name - Replay Compatible/Incompatible/Replay Dubious/(an explanation if it's not so simple)

Note: If an atomizer works normally, that's Replay Compatible. If  If it does not work, that's Incompatible. If you need to use the DNA 250 Color setting "Allow dubious coils." in Mod->Safety, that's Replay Dubious. If it only kind of works, please provide an explanation.

Message Body -

Coil: Name and Resistance

Material: Coil Material 

Replay Compatible: Yes, No, Dubious, or an explanation if it's not so simple

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