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Escribe Theme making issues


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This post is specifically aimed at evolv / Escribe. and an administrator reply would be appreciated. However members should post if they have something relevant to offer.

I do some web graphics design for a few programmer friends i have so i was quite excited to have at the new 250c's features to make some nice themes for it. I have posted one in the download section called Black Cabbage. 

I have since found that moving the labels and fields about to have it looking nice is an absolute no no. Specifically moving the ohms reading in the top left corner (which becomes Power in Replay mode), then moving the battery icon to that space causes a conflict with hidden fields that control Replay. Therefore causing replay not to work. The main problem i have is that no access is offered to these hidden fields in Escribe so that i may move them too and resolve the conflict.

Can someone of power confirm my findings and let me know wether i must live within the constraints when theme making or wether you can patch Escribe to allow themes like Black Cabbage to provide all the features. Especially since no replay is a real theme deal breaker. Thanks Muchly.

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