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Weak performance from VapeDroid C1D2


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So lately i have noticed a marked decline in the vape quality of my droid. Close to 3 weeks ago i began to find the TC to be increasingly weak and a marked decline in flavor from my ADV. In wattage mode it is fine, both for my tootlepuffer setups and my big air tanks; but TC has left me wanting.

I had wondered if perhaps the internal resistance had changed or possibly some other tomfoolery. but on 2 separate occasions the device analyzer results showed it to be working as it had previously.

I have tested this with different batteries and even another DNA75, the other mod having much better TC performance but being heavier than the droid. my builds have not changed, consistantly coming out to .4-.6 ohm 26awg ss316l builds. I normally vape this build between 360 and 375F, but have had to vape this at below 355F because it started burning both the juice and cotton. i have re-run the case analyzer this evening, but my current build is now weak and under-powered feeling. current build is a 28awg T1 @.24ohm.

i have also tried pulling the default settings file from a similar aged VT75 onto the droid and re running the case analyzer, which only improved the performance slightly.  i am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience lately or if maybe i just need to retire this mod for tc and get a new 75c.

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