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Inconsistent cold resistance


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I have been using GeekVape SS430 for a while now with a custom material profile (TCR 0.00185).

This works fine for the most part, but recently I noticed that if I leave my mod to cool for a while, the cold resistance fluctuates quite a bit. Between 0.69-0.71 ohm for my current 10 wrap spaced single coil. Which means I constantly have to check and lower temp to not get burnt hits.

My mod is a EPetite with a DNA60 board. As far as I could gather, cold resistance is fine tuned by using a combination of material profile and case thermal settings, with the latter not applicable to the DNA60 because the USB charging happens off board?

For reference, I got the TCR 0.00185 value from this post, and also verified that with a dry burn test and some experimentation.



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