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temp control isn't consistent


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Im running dual ss430 spaced fused claptons in a subzero rda on my vaporshark dna250, trying to use temp control mode. I created a tcr file on steam engine based on my coils and uploaded it to the mod. I created a new profile with the ss430 coil material and tried vaping. First of all the tc draw is inconsistent (at any set wattage). i checked the device monitor and saw that the wattage used to maintain a set temp while firing fluctuates pretty heavily. The atomizer analyzer says my raw ohms are .127-.132 at my room temp, fluctuating every couple seconds. The atomizer analyzer hasn't given me any hints on wtf is wrong because all of the ohm readings change randomly. Also the battery dies so fast its scary. Can someone help me make sense of all this please?

Screenshot at Jan 28 23-14-48.png

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