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Charging circuit blew my motherboard/USB/Ethernet rail


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I was attempting to program a DNA 200 Chip today and upon plugging it into my PC the PC turned off I smelled a faint burning smell and upon turning the machine back on found my USB2 Bus / Ethernet controller to be fried.    I yelled like a psycho and replaced the chip with a working one then set the bad chip aside for testing, pretty pissed off about the PC btw.

I have the chip here and with no battery plugged in it accepts and programs through USB, so i updated to the latest firmware.  If I plug in power and ground it still working on USB.   Once I plug in the 4 pin balance connector and plug in the USB it immediately fries any power source trying to charge it.    This included my $500 motherboard USB Bus...

I am going on vacation Saturday until after labor day.   I have a plan for tomorrow though.   I'm going to get a PCI-X USB 3 card and a PCI-X Ethernet Adapter from work and rig my PC to be accessible through my vacation however I want to send this board in for a check.   Upon removing the ground from the 510 the pad lifted ever so slightly however that should not be causing the issue with the charging since it was happening prior to my dumb ass adding another problem into the scenario.  

I'm going to bring the chip to work with me because i want to ship it out and other another batch of 10.   I'll get in contact with Karen tomorrow about the order but I would like for you guys to take a look at this chip and see wtf happened.   If it is in fact on your end maybe we could come to terms on getting me another motherboard however that is not what im after at this point, but im very pissed off about it none the less.


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