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So, I was a little too anxious and jumped on the pre-order for the Hana V200.  Worked for a couple of weeks then started having the ground issue.  I decided to get a box from shapeways and moved everything over but with a FDV v4 low profile.  Worked until I went to charge.  Unit will not charge from the pc or any stand alone charger.  Also noticed that when I try to connect the board to escribe it hijacks my usb hub.  Tried on a different pc and got the same issue. All of my other usb devices go dead and I can hear the disconnect sound.  When I unplug the board I hear my usb devices enumerate again.

I am almost pretty sure it is something I did when swapping cases as it didn't do that before in the hana box.  Any ideas?

I was kind of hoping honestly that I might be able to send it in to Evolv and have them trouble shoot the issue for me and see if its repairable.  I obviously would be willing to pay for said service, just not sure Evolv offers a service like that.

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