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Hello everybody. I have a question. I have the German electronics Dicodes. There I have the opportunity to Temp. Coefficient to provide one for each wire that is possible just for the temperature limited vapors. e.g. Stainless steel V2A: there I have to adjust your 105 and it works great. I hope you understand my bad english. Now I've seen in some ideas that there are ready for Software Downloads for different wires. But I also have the opportunity when I know it is what to ask a, on a space of just V2A to deposit the coefficients and then it works?
If your och sop nice silky and me the way to the files shows that for the individual wires.
Thank you
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Your English is good enough!  I understand what you mean.

In the General tab, pick a profile and choose Custom for coil material.  Toward the right side of the screen under the graph, click Special and enter the wire TCR directly.  

On the mod, select that profile (power setting locked and double click either up or down then click to the profile number you set) and vape away.

If the setting was 105 for the stainless you are using, I think that translates to 0.00105 TCR

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