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Blank Screen now extremely Dim Screen


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I have been using my Hana V200 for several weeks now with zero issues. Purchased the Aqua, the final production model from Hyperion Vapes at Vape In The Fort.  Ive contacted them and they are getting me taken care of with warranty service.

I picked up the Hana to use this afternoon and noticed it had a completely black screen, vaping like normal but could not see any of the functions whatsoever.  Several hours later and it is now back on but no backlighting at all and super dim.  Its very hard to read.  Ive attached a pic for reference.

Ive upgraded the software and it is current, also did a hard and soft reset as well as restore to default settings.  Even tho I never changed anything.  Also, this device has been babied and never bumped or dropped.  Also, please note I am not experienced in or wanting to take it apart. 

Just wondering if this is a bug that has been resolved or others have had issues with as well?

Is there anything I can do on my own without having to open it up, short of sending it back for warranty service?

Thanks in advance for the help.



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