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Another SS temp control tcr/tfr discussion...

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Been using a dual coil 11 wrap 2.5 mm ID SS316L from UD on my Twisted Messes and new VT200. Tried the 316, 316 elite, and 316 haywire csv files and at 500-570 degrees F and 60-70 watts I get airy weak vapes that the dna cuts way too early. Got my mod resistance set at 0.0045 but haven't done the case analyzer(don't know if that is relevant in this matter or not). I don't lock my resistance through my mod or escribe(again not sure if relevant or even how to do this). One thing I did notice is that when switching attys between my velocity with titanium or my crown with SS and my Twisted Messes with SS, it rarely presents me with the new or same coil option. I don't see how this would make a difference because doesn't the dna200 read real time accurate resistance every time you press the fire button anyway? Idk. Need help from you experienced guys.

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