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Screen glitch only


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8/7 firmware reflashed wiped clean. When charging from the laptop its fine. When charging from a iphone 1a charger it glitches changing the wattage not in temp mode running kanthal .28 75w. It seems to try to change to 76 watts with most if the 7 missing its just glitched out. I have a picture but its basically like the dna 40 glitch but only when pressing fire on a 1a charger.

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John said:

Have you tried a different 1A charger? It's possible that the signal coming out of that one isn't clean (could have a broken capacitor inside or some such)

Is this a vaporshark board or the standard board?

It's the standard in a 3d printed enclosure. I'll try another charger and report back.
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Yes. I forgot to update. The problem was I didn't fold the screen ribbon right and it was being pinched by the fire button. The symptoms elevated to the screen going blank when pressing the fire button. Not long after that it went completely out. Changed it and bent the cable into in a accordion shape and haven't had any more problems knock on wood.

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