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Two different devices, both appearing completely dead out of nowhere.


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Hey everyone. So we currently sell the VT200 and Lavabox at our shop, and out of the blue one of each has come back with seemingly identical issues. They just appear completely dead, non-responsive to button presses, will not connect to PC nor to escribe.

The first, the VT200 yesterday, became unresponsive around 7PM during a meet. At 8PM we asked to see it again and actually found the device worryingly warm to the touch. It had just been sitting on a table. We quickly opened it up and disconnected the battery. 

Thinking it might have been a battery issue, I connected the pack up to a proper balance charger tonight only to see it reading completely normal. Voltages at 3.9V, all cells in balance, no apparent issues. 

Tonight a customer contacted us saying his Lavabox simply became completely non-responsive as well. 

Anyone experience any issues like this as well? Any idea what it could be? 

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its normal..... mine too.. and quite some devices hving same problem at here... sent back to evolve, they will repair for u real quick...i sold 20 unit vtbox200 only 1 hv issue...... i asked evolve regarding the problem, they didnt tell..... as i knw, the spoiled unit is not up to date to 9-30 firmware....im not sure the firmware wld really make any differences from avoiding any dead boards issue..... mind to tell that is that dna200 up to date?

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