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Feature Request: Finer-Grained Control Over the Temperature Value

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While accurate, absolute temperature is obviously the goal, it seems some problematic wire types, like SS, are more about dialing it in until the wattage averages around where the user knows it should be, for a particular build.

I'm seeing situations where 5 degree increments (or even 1 degree) would translate to hitting a sweet spot that appears to be currently out of reach.

It would of course default to how it is now with 10 degree detents and therefore be on option in EScribe similar to "swap up/down."

Probably, just an integer value that defaults to 10.

There would need to be some edge-case logic on the bottom and top ranges to allow it to hit those values and not go over, of course.

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Mad Scientist said:

I agree. I would prefer to be able to configure the button temperature bump. Note that you can configure any temperature setting in the profiles and in device monitor.

Great observation about profiles and DM.

Yeah, I'm even more sure I want this, now that I have some raw data to back up the vape experience.

I just learned of the awesome "Last Power" (mean-wattage) value that can be shown on the device via the custom fields.

I'm finding that a 10 degree bump will go, for example, from a 16 mean-wattage to around 18 or 19 mean-wattage. Maybe I want 17 for mean wattage. Can't do it (except if using a profile -- which is mostly useless, as the conditions never stay that way for long in real-world usage).

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