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First time TempControl on my new Reuleaux - doing it the right way?


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Greetings! First of all, my sincere apologies for asking questions that might have been asked before, perhaps many times. I however feel a bit insecure about a number of things and with this post I'd like to name them all, hoping for answers that clears all doubts I still have So I got that kickass Reuleaux device. Batteries ; set of LG HG2 and set of VTC4 - I'm aware that a battery analyzing activity is required to have the most accurate measurement in terms of displaying the correct battery indication. But what if I am on the road with empty LGs and change my batteries to vtc4 and can't use escribe to change the capacity? The vtc's would make a mess of the indicator. I figured that all I can do is just use it, ignore the indicator and wait for the cut-off to kick in. Is this the best option when having different types of batteries ? I figured that when the batteries(LGs) are fully charged and see the indicator says 98%, it is possible to lower the capacity in escribe. From 33.3, gradually going down to 29.5 gives 100% on the battery indicator. Going to 29.6 would make the battery indicator show 99%. Is this the best alternative for having the best result regarding de indicator without using the analyser? Question about TC vaping; I got myself some titanium 1 wire (0.4mm) and will make a 6 wraps/3mm coil. I've read that with titanium it is not very wise to dry burn it to avoid hotlegs and such. Would it be ok to switch the reuleaux to power mode and pulse it slightly without having the coil wicked ? Or, what other best ways are there to avoid hotlegs in a way so that the titanium isn't throwing unhealthy stuff in my lungs ? As per the tutorial by evolve, I've visited the steam engine, and -only- changed the wire from kanthal to titanium 1, and saved the scv file. In escribe, I uploaded it to profile one and saved the settings. Is there anything that I am forgetting? I did not touched the thermal option, it's on default I did nit touched the mod resistance ( I believe it's on 0.003 on default ) - should this be different ? What else is imminent to change, highly important to change in order to have the best vape experience ? Thanking you all in advance for most likely something that has been discussed before :)

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