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I had this Idea! Why not create a section where we can share our profiles? After all, a DNA 200 is a DNA200 and i believe we can benefit from that share - both in knowledge and fine tuning for tanks and drippers many of us have.
We will also be sharing experiences :)

In this first post i will put how i think will be the most complete and correct way to share both files and information:

VaporShark DNA200
- Plume Veil
Dual Ni200 coil - Contact coils - Many wraps (cant count now)
100W - 350F

(Did add Image for Plume Veil Ni200 - Not sure if goes with profile - hope so)

-=Please double check the settings before use any profile!!!=-

My suggestion is to share when you are having a great vaping experience with the settings.
Let's see how it goes? :)
Feel free to add suggestions. I have the feeling this may become a good topic ;)


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