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H Cigar VI200 Dead


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Hi everyone :

So this is what happened last night after vaping for about 30 mins on a hybrid build.

I build myself a twisted kanthal/nickel build reading .08 ohms. I was vaping happy and indeed it was one of the best vapes i ever had on temp control. Massive flavors and vapor. But after a while the "warranty service" came up and the device made a clicking sound every time i fired it. 

After reading so many topics here and on ECF i figured its a blown fuse or batt problem.

My question is why did it happen? Too low ohms? How can i avoid this situation in the future?

Here's is the details of the build i was using :

Hybrid Khanthal/NI200 : 0.07 ohms
Preheat 200 C
Temp 410 F at 45 W

Please advise guys.

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when the dna 200 throws up the warranty service message the board is toast, rma time. there have been more hcigars bitting the dust that any other posted device in this forum. im wondering if the high wattage, and or high preheat and or very low ohm, high mass builds are killing these dna's. im sure others with more knowledge will chime in.

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