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Hhelp! hcigar vt200 died


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took it out today running errands real world errands - is usally just use it around the house -btw it worked fantastic thru out the day - i have a zepphyrus dual coil titanuim build on it - worked fined till i got home.  Battery life was half way. then out of nowhere black screen - tried charging - battery just got kinda warm and no lights... Hoooked it up to escribe -escribe does not see the device. Dionnected the battery just in case - hooked it the batterys back on ... still no sign of life.... where to go from here... heading to the brick and mortar store i picked it up at - hopefully i get a replacemnt... i was really digging ths mond... any suggestions out there on what else i can do besides going back to the brick and mortar.  I purchase  it on Oct 21st and have been happily vaping it  since today.
any help or feed back will help.

best regards


fyi - no warning screen came up - the display just disappeared....  :(

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I called the store where I purchased it from - they have a 30 day return policy (which unfortunately - I've had it more than 30 days) - but they said that they would take a look at it anyway- I hope they just give me a new one.  If that scenario doesn't come thru - I opened a repair ticket w/evolv - hopefully I can send it to evolv and they can repair it.

Edit: I don't believe I did a hard/soft boot last time I ran escribe... I just uploaded a csv file for titanium via sweet spot vapors for there .04mm titanium wires which worked flawless in my case.

vape safe


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