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Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200


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Hi all

My first post here , just entered the world of DNA 200 with the reuleaux , got to say I'm loving it.
Got it from TW for £127 with 3x VTC4's on black Friday , bargain I think.
Anyway , used it the first day with just regular kanthal claptons in both my subtank mini and my velocity(which is outstanding with the dual claptons).
Some Ti wire arrived today from CWC and I thought I'd just share my experiences with it so far.
Started off setting the reuleaux up with wismecs .ecig file , then went to steam engine and created a .csv for my wire just starting with a simple single spaced coil in my subtank mini of .16ohms with no dry burning.
Set a profile up for the 24g Ti and loaded the .csv , set the watts at a conservative 75w with a preheat of 100w and 450f temp setting.
I am absolutely amazed how well this vapes for a first run at temp control for myself , the vape is nice and warm and really really smooth with again just a simple high VG 3mg raspberry from Flavourart , it produces almost as much vapour as the Clapton and tastes fantastic without the varying temp depending whether the coil is warm or been sat for a while.
So that's it , just thought I'd put a positive post up about temp control and Ti wire as there seems to be few of those on here.
Its that good my partner has asked me to get her one but TW is no longer stocking them as they have now taken stock of the RX200 with Joyetechs chip.
The lady on the phone said "It's just a different chip , it does the same as the other one only cheaper"
"Hmmm" was my reply , "I'll wait till stock comes in elsewhere"


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