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VaporShark Battery Door Extension, Suggestions for Lipo that would fit? (Replacing FullyMax, Needs to be 3/4 - 1 in wider)


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I have been toying with the idea of widening my VaporShark by creating a custom Battery Door. The battery door would need to have a clip on bottom and square magnet on top, likely using the one from the previous door. Some concerns would be if the wires are long enough to run along and connect, if not I prob could connect inside then stuff in, the length would make it possible to disconnect when pulling out likely. Anyways, Whats a good method of searching for batteries by size and does anyone know anything wider while having the other dimensions with higher mAh. Maybe 1200-1500. The width would still make the mod small and losing the finish isnt a huge deal and it could look good if done correctly.


Here are dimensions of the 900mAh FullyMax

Dimensions (mm) 19.8 x 26 x 70
So it needs to be the same of smaller then these two as its a tight fit, 19.8 x 26, and wide then 70
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Personally the only reason to do this is for the 2A version of the DNA 200 board. Now if that's the case then Alpinetech G+ CNC 1590G; mm (103mm x 52mm x 27mm). Additionally, I'd use real switches (Mitec and Tactiles) and a Varitube 510. I'd totally abandon the idea of Jerry rigging a Vapor Shark enclosure. Let me say this, the Vapor Shark has a solid good place and I have zero desire to pull mine apart .. I love its small size. I also have a couple "brick size" Mods with large LiPo / LiFePO4 batteries for my 'aggressive' builds. What many, pfft most, would love to see is a 2A Evolv DNA 200 board.

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Well, here is my reasoning. I could quite easily 3d design and print a extension door, if you take your vs and pop off the door then hold it about a inch away, u will see it would actually still be quite a nice size and really be a minor change, looking at the attachments replication would be easily. This could even be an official change vs pushes if they sold a larger door and bat pack.


I agree that the mod is solidly built and I am not really interested in ripping it apart, just a minor mod to extend battery 300-500mah, which would result in up to 50% more life. Another potential issue is the connector would prob need to match for discharge wires as the Fullymax has no connector.

Here is the only batteries I found that could possibly work, and there not much bigger and idk if they could even work since there constant and burst levels are either really high or just below

Turnigy nano-tech A-SPEC G2 1000mah 3S 60~90C Lipo Pack


Rhino 1050mAh 3S 11.1v 40C Lipoly Pack


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