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Better to send broke wismec reuleaux DNA200 to evolv or wismec?


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Normal protocol would be to open an RMA ticket with the B&M or online vendor you bought your device from and they should inform you what actions should be taken. I would imagine that if it's only 2 days old, it should still be under warranty. Although Evolv, to my knowledge, have given impeccable service to those that have opened RMA tickets with them, I feel they should be a last resort, unless you bought the chip directly from them. With that said, I am sure they will do everything they can to remedy the situation otherwise. So, I would contact the vendor you bought the device from first, and then Wismec, and if all else fails, Evolv.

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Yes, the reason I asked is because the same thing happened to me. When I got my DNA 200 everything worked fine, but as soon as I try to update the firmware on my iMac, using Virtual Box, everything went black. I tried everything and nothing worked, until I bought a Windows tablet. As soon as I plugged my device into the Windows computer, it lit up like a Christmas tree...unfortunately, it seems to be a hit or miss with the virtual machines, because it has worked for some, but not others. My suggestion is to to plug it into a Windows computer and then reboot the computer while it's plugged into the computer and see if that solves your problem.

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