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SMOK TFV4 TF-TI Coils question


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Hey all I've just decided to use the TF-TI coils in my TFV4 and I am curious if anyone has gotten these things to produce like they are supposed.  I plugged in a standard Titanium Grade 1 CSV file for it but it seems to be lacking on vapor production.  Has anyone found the sweet spot for these things yet?  If so does anyone have a CSV for these coils that is working wonders?  Also curious if I should be locking the ohms with these coils and what temperature everyone else is running them at.  Thanks in advance!

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I have been using the tfv4 TI coil for a while now and like it alot.
Now i dont get the clouds like i do from a triple or quad coil, but seems to be better flavor and stays consistent. Plus does not drink the juice like the others.

 I attached my csv file that seems to work just fine for me (remove the .txt part)
Lock in ohms at 0.32, I'm set at 475 f but you can adjust for your taste, i set preheat power at 150w and punch at 9.
I do have power set at 70w just seems to work good for me there.

Hope this helps you, and im sure everything can be tweaked


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