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How to design your own screen

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You can make your own pictures by using a picture manipulation program like PSP, Gimp, Paint.Net etc. and design them yourself or use an example picture. Your pictures should be in black and white colours (as the schreen is only in black and white colours) and the size of your pictures should be 128pixels wide x 32pixels high. This size is also the visible size of your DNA200 screen. Save your pictures as a .PNG or .JPEG or .GIF.

Or you can use the program that is shared at this place: https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/65710-topic/?do=findComment&comment=889880

A brief instruction and a discussion about this piece of software is in the same thread.

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aarongroover said:

Hey guys just trying to figure out how to design your own screens i see people with they're own designs i just can't figure it out. Thanks in advance!

You'll need an imaging editing program.  If you already have Photoshop, you're set.  If not, I suggest the open-source GIMP (it's free).  MS Paint will be good enough for just doing Text screens.

Basically, the final image that you upload to your mod has to be monochrome (black and white) as well as 128x32 in size.  If text is all you're after, you can throw those together in a couple minutes.  If you want to include images or logos, you'll need to do some editing, cropping, sizing, recoloring, etc.
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