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My Tugboat DNA200 but the dust


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After about a 40 days I noticed what I assumed was my battery sliding around in the compartment. When I would go to charge it started to warm up more than usual. On the last charge it was about 50% charged and when I picked it up it was hotter than a fire cracker. I immediately disconnected from the charger and when I went to put a tank on it it was dead. Only thing I can assume without opening to avoid the warranty is that the battery hit the 510 connection internally and shorted it out. I spoke to someone at Flawless and they gave me directions to send it back for repair. Has anyone reported any problem such as what I experienced? What I am worried about is I lost my tracking number from USPS so I am hoping mine does not get lost in the shuffle. I noticed that they do not have anymore for sale. Does anyone know if they are going to stop making these. I think they have the best looking DNA209's on the market. Thanks Fergie

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Hey BlueAussie, 

I also had this problem with the battery getting loose internally somehow and my Tugboat dna 200 also got unbearably hot. It worked with the loose battery for a little when i was sitting in a vape shop waiting for an interview and it just shuts off... tried everything i could to get it to turn on but no luck. So I contacted the nearest flawless shop around and explained my problem. After a 3 hour drive i got to the shop and showed them my device which was off but untouchable because it was so hot. Within seconds they just handed me a brand new one and said sorry for the inconvenience they also gave me some juice to try because he felt bad i had to drive so far...

In short Flawless has amazing customer service!

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