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connecting to escribe issue

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ok i have a hcigar vt200 everything works on it fine ( after i replaced the battery as it died) but now for some reason e scribe will not find it i have used different usb cables and nothing i also have tried to take out the battery and try it that way and nothing windows does pick it up but e scribe will not. oh and it will not fully charge the battery its a 1300 mah s3 lipo and will only charge it about half way it only show 3.8v on each cell and now it is draining the battery even plugged in any idea?

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I've been exploring the world of lipos and, although I am not an expert, I don't trust Chinese made lipos and, I may be wrong but, I think that's what's in the hcigar. The Chinese mod makers also have a habit of calling out the mAh readings as a total of the 3 separate cells (that are in series). So, your 1300 mAh batt has 3 cells with about 430 mAh each. Maybe one of your cells is failing?

I would replace it with a lipo that evolve approves of such as the one mentioned in the data sheet. Or here's a link to an excellent lipo: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__11951__Turnigy_nano_tech_2200mah_3S_45_90C_Lipo_Pack.html

This particular one is probably too big for your box but they offer others. Good luck. I'd like to hear the outcome.

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Nathan, I apologize. I did some digging and saw that hcigar advertises it's battery as having a capacity of 3900 milliamps. So, yes, each cell would be 1300 milliamps. Nevertheless, I still remain cautious around Chinese lipos. Hope you got your charging problem fixed.

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