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VaporShark DNA 200 fire button,510 problems


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I got my VS 200 1 week ago and I have 2 problem.The 510 thread is loose and when I screw on my subtank mini is moving and its not secure. And I also have problem with the fire button. I have to press strong the button because its stop firing for 0,1 second and firing again. So not enough to press until its click.
Any solution?
(sorry for the bad engilsh:))

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You either try to take it apart and fix it for yourself or you contact VS support. I suggest contacting the VS support since they are a pleasure to work with and they will surely help you.

As for the connection issue with a Subtank: I also had that, but it was the only atomizer that gave me those issues.

As far as the fire button goes: sadly, from time to time, I also have the same problem with the fire button.

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