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ni205 and ni200 claptons


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I've found using tempered or ni205 to be much easier however I've tried using then as a clapton via 28ga core with 32 outer. I'm having issues as one would probably expect. Does anyone do this with success, the temperature feel right ect. To be honest I assumed tthey could be contact per se as the cores don't touch and I gathered that's where the flow was going. Maybe that's my issue? Suggestions? I use ti a good bit and prefer it but haven't order the right sizes to do any fancy coil types with it. Yet

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i have been using ni200 claptons (24g core wrapped with 32g).  its a much better vape (to me), than dual 30g coils, but i have only tried single coil on a velocity rda because 8.5 spaced wraps on a 2.5mm comes out to 0.07 ohms.  its much easier to rewick without deforming the coil, and a dental brush will clean the coil relatively well. 

make sure you upload a proper csv file from steam engine, it made a big difference.  also, using the device monitor in escribe helped me dial in my settings - 88 watts, with 80 watt preheat @ 3.9 for 1s, temp @420.  bottom airflow full open, top airflow all closed on the velocity rda.

i haven't been able to try ss or ti yet.  still trying to perfect ni200 builds.

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