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Battery analyzer question


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Hi all, A quick question about the battery analyzer function. When you run the function will it write and import a csv chart for the discharge curve of the battery you performed the function on? I.e. I have a few DNA 200 mods (no none of the are anything to write home about) on one of them that uses a LI-po pack I will of course select that from the menu and run the analyzer function to see the usable watt/hours of the pack. If my test jig is close to the resistance of my usual coils and I run the restart the usual power I Vape at it should be a fairly good representation of my expected battery life. Now with my latest DNA 200 device the wismec Reuleaux which uses 18650's (yes I am aware we all know this) I'm assuming LI-po would be selected in the mod tab in escribe which brings up the discharge curve for a LI-poly pack. When you run the battery analyzer function will that curve be changed to represent the discharge of the 18650's and the appropriate watt hours filled in, or do I need to enter a csv chart pertaining to the discharge of that style battery then run the analyzer? Thank you in advance Icy

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