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Cell Cut Off Not Working???

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So does anyone have a problem with cell cut off? Two lipos of mine died. I have the s200. Once that lipo died from going all nite without a charge, the cells were all below one volt each and having different readings. So I bought a vt200 battery being they were the same exact size and capacity. I had the wh set to 14.43 which is what a 11.1v 1300mah battery should be. And originally I had the cell cut off set at 3.09v however since I had a problem with voltage getting to low I raised it to 3.5. So last nite I had it plugged into the computer to charge over nite, not knowing my computer wasn't plugged in to charge. So my vape stopped charging once the computer went idle. I woke up and the vape wouldn't charge. The cells are reading 1.62, 1.59, 1.62. I tried a USB recovery charge with no luck, it shows the charging symbol but the lipo is too damaged to charge. What could be the cause of my batteries dieing like this. I know you shouldn't run a lipo too low (hence why I went to charge it) but shouldn't the cut off prevent it from discharging too low? Error on my part(other than making sure my computer was plugged in lol) like my battery settings? or an issue with the board? I heard there was a firmware update to stop your batteries from discharging while idle, what update was that? I just installed the most recent one, but after the fact of my battery dying. 
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