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Wismec DNA200 Stuck button


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Hey there,

Yesterday I finally received my Wismec DNA200 after waiting a month or so for the package from the USA. I knew I had to do the ribbon fix, as my unit was from the old series. Ok, done everything I needed to, but since doing the ribbon fix, Fire button got half-stuck twice. I just gave it a good shake and everything was good, but I knew I had to fix it at home. On my way home today I noticed the button to be 100% stuck. Can't get it to unstick.
Any ideas? I'll be honest with You ladies and gentlemen, I'm not fond of waiting 2 months to get my DNA200 back from warranty.
Pics of current state: http://imgur.com/a/ag0Id

Thanks in advance!


Now thats a fast edit, aint it? Managed to unstick it, now the tricky part - find the problem.
Problem found - for people who look for an answer in the future for either RX200 or DNA200 - check your button if it has any dirt on it. Mine had a little on the upper part, cleaned it with compressed air and everythings smooth now... Now thats a way to spend 1,5h. Topic can be closed.

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