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Hcigar VT200 Upgrade

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I bought this one because my friend showed my how easily it fits into an Hcigar VT200. It's not the same feel as when I bought it, but it's not too tight or loose and just powers up. I don't mind the 1300mAh, I'm all about the amperage. I only vape wattage mode, never TC, so DNA mods are shining now that I found power for my cloud chasing. I use the Uwell Rose Gold Crown at .25 dual SS 316 coils vaping near 120W max. This is built in pack of 4 VTC4s, it seems like. I have 1300mAh, although it seems like a lot longer time until it gets low battery. This is the best to get for Hcigars. If you find a slightly great mAh pack with exactly the same dimensions, which fit well, grab them. I wouldn't recommend the 75c minimum output because that might be more than the DNA 200 board can handle. This is the link. I had a few others saved and they are too large. It's 1350mAh and 35c. Perfect.



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I love my Hcigar. I'm going to use it with care, however, if something does happen to it (big drop, bricked, etc.) I'll gladly use that as an excuse to buy a newer mod. I'm saving for another one now but I'm enjoying this now. Are the other mods any better? It's just ergonomics and battery specs, correct? the DNA 200 Mod is the same.

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I can't seem to use that link on my Windows 10 UC browser (it's based on a chinese browser that's fast) It reads exactly as it's box says. but I have a better one my friend sold me because he can't figure out his software for DNA 200 Hcigar Vt 200.

1800mah capacity
3S 11.1 volts
True 100C rating
Lifetime warranty
5C fast charge capable
Fits Immersion RC Vortex Racing Quadcopter and other 250 sized drones
100% waterproof
Built today with factory fresh cells
We add the connector and JST-XH balancing tap for you
67mm x 34mm x 26mm, 126g

It's completely maximum potential amperage. I wanted this so long.

He got it here. It's pricey. 55 bucks.   http://www.maxamps.com/proddetail.php?prod=Lipo-1800-111-Pack

"Popular E-Cigarette Vapor solution for DNA 200 E-Cig Mod Box, Regulated Mod, Mechanical Mod, Variable Mod setups." That's on the product description.

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