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HCigar VT133 is dead?


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I bought VT133 from gearbest 2 weeks ago. All working fine till tomorrow.
Mod this morning show zero (empty) accu, but i was sure, that it was charged 50% at least.
Ok, i put accu to external charger and go to work.
Right now, when i put fully charged accu - mod even did not turn on.
It show "DNA 200" logo when i press fire and immediately turn off when i release fire.
So this is not fuse (it turn on on battery, but immediately turn off).
I chage battery - same result.
When connected to EScribe - all is connected, all info shown, but did not vape anyway - show "check battery" message.
Already try to upgrade/downgrade/reset firmware - no results.
Video of problem is: https://youtu.be/BbRwRJmCmu8
What to do?

Thanks in advance!

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