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Vapor shark dna200 not working


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I've had it since the 9th of April this year when I got it I charged it up and pluged it in to escribe and updated it to the latest firmware, I've never been able to get the temp mode to work properly even tho it work fine on my old dna40, so I've always used kanthal and everything was working fine till yesterday I went to use it and nothing just the blue light round the fire button, so I put it on charge and I got warranty service came up on the screen, When I got home from work I plugged it in to escribe to try and reset it and the screen just flashed on and off and kept connecting and disconnecting, now it does absolutely nothing, so I'm guessing I've wasted £184 To say I'm angry is an understatement my dna40 had to be replaced twice and then stopped charging so I got the dna200 folishly thinking it wouldnt be as problematic, so what do I do ? Any ideas

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